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Adult Adoptees in Open Adoption  

I am an Adult Girl From Kolkata Who Want Open Relationship

Hello Buddy At first I like to introduce myself. I am [URL=""]Aabha ... more
by aabhatiwari077 / 18 days ago
Reunion Registry 

Amanda Diehl

I'm an adoptee searching for a birth family member.

Adoptee / Video 

Adopted and Proud of It!

For Matt, Mandy, and their children, adoption is something to be proud of.


Making Contact and Communicating  

Ballsy plan

What Im thinking. I know that my biological mother is a chief Credit Officer at a local credit union. ... more
by samham90 / 24 days ago
Reunion Registry 

Christy Hembree-Stout-Hamilton

I'm a birth mother searching for an adopted child.


Birth and Adoptive Family Relationships  

Adoptee Survey Research

I am conducting a study on communication in adoptive families. If you are adopted and are over the age of... more
by dbsqhfk0827 / 25 days ago
Reunion Registry 

Jason Alexander

I'm a birth father searching for an adopted child.

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