Original Birth Certificate (Encyclopedia)

The Untold Background

A birth certificate that is issued at the birth of a child is known as an original birth certificate. Here is some simple information about original birth certificates, why they are issued, where they are kept, how they are accessed, and the difference from an amended birth certificate.

Why are original birth certificates issued?

A birth certificate provides a valuable personal record. For one thing, it establishes a person's citizenship. A birth certificate is needed at different times in a person's life. It is needed when a child starts school, when a passport or visa is requested, or to obtain a driver's license.

How is an original birth certificate different from an amended birth certificate?

An original birth certificate is issued at the birth of a child and is issued before an adoption takes place. An amended birth certificate is the new birth certificate that is issued for an adopted child after an adoption becomes final. It shows the adoptive parents' names like they are the biological parents. This is the birth certificate that becomes placed in public records.

Where are original birth certificates kept?

Birth certificates are usually kept at your state's Vital Records Department. An original birth certificate will be issued after when the appropriate forms are sent in by the hospital where the baby was born. If a child is adopted and an amended birth certificate is issued, the original birth certificate is stored in an inaccessible location unless a court orders the birth certificate be retrieved.

How are original birth certificates accessed?

You can obtain a copy of your birth certificate or your child's by contacting your state's Vital Record Department. There may be a charge for each copy that you request. Once you receive the copy or copies, you may wish to keep them with your other important documents. As previously stated, in the case of an adoption the original birth certificate will be stored in a location not available to the public.

If a court needs to view an original birth certificate for whatever reason, an order will be issued and the original birth certificate will be released to the court.

Now that you are armed with this information, you should have no concerns as to how to access a copy of your birth certificate or your child's.