10 Christmas Craft Ideas for Your Child’s Birth Family

Christmas gifts don’t have to be expensive, but should be from the heart.

Sarah M. Baker December 08, 2014

Here are some ideas to consider while thinking of Christmas presents for your child’s birth family. Christmas for many families means family dinners, Christmas presents, and time off work. But for birth families experiencing separation from their child, Christmas may bring up tough memories and heartaches. This post teaches adoptive families how to build Christmas crafts in order to brighten the birth family’s spirits.

What are some of your favorite homemade Christmas gifts your kids have made for their birth parents or extended family members during the Christmas season?

Hand Wreath
1. Hand Wreath

The wreath is a traced cutout of your child’s hand(s). You can then duplicate it many times. Glue it together and adorn it with glitter, buttons, sequins, jewels, ribbon or anything else to make if festive. This will be a cherished memory!

Salt Clay Hand Santa
2. Salt Clay Hand Santa

While you can make salt clay into just about anything, this fun twist of turning your child’s handprint into a Santa ornament is cute and fun to make! For instructions on the dough check out DIY Handprint Christmas Ornaments.

Footprint Reindeer
3. Footprint Reindeer

What fun to stamp a couple feet onto paper then add antlers, eyes and noses for an easy project that everyone will love! For tips on how to make it, check out Easy Preschool Crafts.

Handprint Snowmen Ornament
4. Handprint Snowmen Ornament

What a clever way to disguise a painted handprint by making each finger into snowmen! For supplies and steps visit this blog Full of Great Ideas.

Footprint Cradle Plate
5. Footprint Cradle Plate

As a kid I loved making plates for my parents as a craft. My mom still uses the plate I made for her in Kindergarten every Mother’s Day! This Christmas themed idea is a great way to incorporate your child’s footprint into a cradle for Christ. His birth parents will love the creativity of this craft. To find out how to make this plate, visit Pinterest. Or you can come up with your own special creation!

Mistletoes Ornament
6. Mistletoes Ornament

This cute play on words combines a Christmas favorite with our little ones toes. It is sure to bring a smile to his birth parents faces! To find out how to make this treasure, visit Family Crafts.

Thumbprint Holiday Lights
7. Thumbprint Holiday Lights

This is one of my favorites! It’s a simple art project that is pretty and fun to make. To get tips on this craft, Meet the Dunbiens.

Salt Clay Snowmen Handprint
9. Salt Clay Snowmen Handprint

You can do many different things with the handprint besides just a handprint. This one takes the handprint and creates a little family of snowmen! A preschool or early elementary school kid may love to help decorate this one! For the clay recipe, visit this link.

10. Mistletoes

On canvas or just a piece of paper, what a fun wait to share our little ones feet with their birth family! Visit Pinkie for Pink for instructions and supplies.


This fun ornament takes the finger prints of our children and we can then help them decorate them into adorable little reindeer. Another personalized gift his birth family will surely enjoy! To find out the best way to do this project, visit Little Bit Funky.

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