International adoption can seem overwhelming. If you want to adopt, where do you start? How do you choose which country program would work best for you?

Different countries have different timelines, requirements, and ages of children that are adoptable. This article review researched and created a list of the easiest countries to adopt from foster care. They took data from agencies and looked at costs, parent requirements, and average length of time of the process. Here’s what they came up with:

South Korea has a very long standing and stable program. Parents must be married for at least three years, have no more than four children, and be between 29 and 49 years old.

Kazakhstan has a fairly new adoption program, but it is quickly growing. Parents must travel twice and the process can take less than two years.

Haiti has many children in foster care, over 200,000. Due to the extreme need, the process is easier than most countries. Parents should be married at least five years and be between 30 and 50 years old. Three visits to the country are required.

Ukraine also has a high poverty rate, and children are set out on their own at age 16. It has a very short program that takes less than a year.

The Philippines has a detailed, but stable, process.

Berundi has an 80% poverty rate, so many children are filling their orphanages. The process takes no longer than 30 months.

Ghana has no specific requirements but looks to place the child in country prior to looking at international families.

Honduras is a leader in child abuse, so the adoption rate is high.

Thailand is another good country for international adoption. It provides a lot of information about the child, including medical details. It is also one of the quicker programs and can take less than 2 years.

According to the list, China is the number one easiest country to adopt from. This is due to their stable and predictable program.

Adopting is a life-changing decision. Therefore, it is very important to weigh all the factors, take your time, and make an educated decision that works the best for you, your family, and the child. You can find more information about international adoption here.

Annaleece Merrill is a birth mother to the cutest little girl on earth. She loves being an advocate for open adoption by writing, mentoring, and speaking at adoption panels. She currently attends Utah State University in Logan, Utah.

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