The 100 Kit Quest is a project that hopes to identify the birth parents of children who were adopted from China. The adoptive parents of 20 children living in various countries have come together to increase DNA testing in the region their children are from. Between Canada, the U.S., and the Netherlands all the children involved in the 100 Kit Quest are from the municipality of Chongqing.

The kids made a promotional video to gain support for the project. After its release in late November, the video went viral. It has even been shared internationally by the media. Due to the project receiving a large number of requests for tests from birth parents in other areas of China, a Gofundme page was created to cover the costs of additional testing.

Kristin Lundgren, adoptive mother to 10-year-old Isabelle Smit, explained that reunions in the area have been notably rare. It’s illegal to relinquish a child in China, so coming forward to admit that can have real consequences. Kristin was told her daughter was left beside a bridge. She longs to give her daughter so much more information about her past. She said, “This search is a very emotional one for all of the girls. It’s a door they want open, but they’re afraid to open. It’s very hard because it’s essential to their identity,” Lundgren added, “I know for myself that my roots are important to me, and I know providing her with her roots would be the greatest gift.”