School is out for the summer and summer reading lists for kids are in. Why let students have all the summer reading fun, though? Check out some of these excellent adoption blogs by members of the triad! Creating a list is a daunting task because there is so much excellence on the internet. Let me know in the comments who I left out and why you love them!


Diary of a Not-So-Angry Asian Adoptee - International adoption

Harlow’s Monkey - Transracial and International adoption

Lost Daughters - General adoption

My Mind on Paper - Transracial adoption

Red Thread Broken - International adoption

Tara Vanderwoude - International adoption

The Declassified Adoptee - General adoption

Adoptive Parent:

A Musing Maralee - Christian, foster adoption

Confessions of an Adoptive Parent - Foster, special needs adoption, and general adoption

Dinglefest - Christian, transracial, and special needs adoption

Lavender Luz  - Domestic Infant/Open adoption

Rage Against The Minivan - Transracial adoption


A Birth Mother Voice - Birth mother

Adoption in the City - Birth mother

Endure for a Night - Birth mother

Sideshow Barb - Birth mother

Statistically Impossible - Birth father