19-year-old Usifu Bangura was adopted from Sierra Leone to family in Montana when his birth mother realized she was too impoverished to continue to raise her three youngest children.  Usifu recently found his birth mother, who is widowed, and plans a trip to visit her.

But his trip to Africa won’t be just to satisfy curiosity or to bring comfort to his mother. Usifu is taking suitcases full of humanitarian items to distribute among the people of his African village.

“This is where I came from. This is my background. This is my childhood. This is where I grew up, and being a minority in Montana where you really stick out, I don’t want to be the kind of person who went on with their life without knowing where they came from,” Usifu told news reporters.

Included in the humanitarian aid items are school supplies and “life straws” that filter dirty water to make it drinkable. Usifu plans to continue his effort after his return from this first trip to Africa. He is networking and fundraising to begin a non-profit organization that will be a steady humanitarian support for his village.

Watch the video here.