It has been said that once you post something online it’s never truly gone and will live forever. This kind of terrifies me. Fortunately I was in my mid-twenties when Facebook made it’s debut to the masses. Instagram wasn’t even a twinkle in someone’s mind either. I can only imagine my “wild” days being documented—and how horrified I would be now if they were! This leads me to what I will never put or post about our son.

1. Most of our son’s story. While there isn’t anything earth shattering about in his adoption story, I still don’t feel that it’s mine to disclose in full in such a public forum. He can choose how much of his story to share.

2. The stories and circumstances surrounding adoptions that didn’t end up happening. We have been through a few “failed” placements, and I still hold those near and dear to me, even the ones that were less than pleasant. I never want to paint expectant parents in a bad light. There was nothing wrong with their choice to place with another family or parent their child.

3. His birth parent’s names. Yes we have an open adoption and talk all the time with LT’s birth mom, but there are things she (and her family) have asked us to not do. We love and respect them so much that we don’t even hesitate to do what is asked. We also don’t post photos of them.

Like most families, adoption is sacred to us. To post so open and freely about such tender subjects is doing a disservice to the relationships. Our son’s story is his and is a very important piece of his history that deserves all the respect we can possibly give it. I know my views and way of thinking aren’t the same as others’ and that’s okay. I know families that openly post about everything. That’s okay. I choose to do this because it is what fits our life and relationship best.

What types of things/moments/stories/etc do you choose to keep off of social media?