If you are like me, you do not have a lot of patience. I have a hard time waiting on others to complete a project for work or even waiting for a special date or occasion to come. My lack of patience has truly been tested in my “wait” during the adoption process.

With my family’s first adoption, the month between when we met our daughter to when we officially adopted her was one of the longest time periods I have experienced. There were many ups and downs. There were a couple of times that we didn’t know if the adoption was going to happen.

In our current adoption process from China, we are nearing the end, and just having pictures and videos of our soon to be son makes the wait that much harder and longer. We just want to go get him and bring him home!

I know it will happen in time. But what are some things we can do during the “hurry up and wait” period of adoption?

One thing to do is educate. Educate yourself about your child’s culture and heritage. Read books and find churches or culture centers relating to your child. Educate yourself about any special needs that your child may face. Find any needed specialists so you can schedule appointments once you return home.

Another thing to do is self-care. Adoption and parenting are very stressful. The adoption process can especially be very stressful with many emotions. So during the time of waiting when you think you have “down time,” think about what you enjoy. Is that working out? Is that spending time with friends? Is that reading or watching movies? The more you are filled up emotionally, mentally, and physically, the more you will have to give your child.

Lastly, it is important to stay physically and mentally healthy. Stress and busyness can lead to unhealthy habits. Prior to adding to your family, it is important to remain healthy and strong. Whether that means healthy eating, working out, or even taking regular walks, it is important to stay physically and mentally healthy to ease the stress.

Waiting is very hard for me, especially in the realm of adoption. But, I am learning how to take a step back and realize that I cannot control everything. Whatever happens during your adoption process and however long the wait is, it is always important to remember the ultimate outcome: bringing your child home.

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