5 Ways to Support Friends in the Adoption Process

If you haven't been there yourself, it can be hard to know what to do to help.. Here are some ideas.

Meghan Rivard October 23, 2015

Going through the adoption process is a stressful time. It is time-consuming, with meetings and paperwork, not to mention the roller coaster of emotions. What are some things you can do to support a friend in the adoption process?

Be there.
1. Be there.

Be there in the laughter and tears. Be available for a phone call for them to vent frustrations, to share their excitement, or update you on where they're at in the process. Please make sure that whatever is shared, you keep it confidential. Things can change, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to share information unless they specifically ask you to do so.

Help out with everyday tasks.
2. Help out with everyday tasks.

When they get back home as a family, they will be busy and working on adjusting as a new family with their new child. Ask if you can bring dinner, grocery shop, or help with laundry, so they can focus on their child and the bonding process.

Attend fundraisers or help financially.
3. Attend fundraisers or help financially.

Adoption is expensive. Many families put on fundraisers, like cook-offs/dinners or sell items, such as t-shirts, with a percentage of the proceeds going towards the adoption. If possible, attend the fundraiser or buy the t-shirt to support the family.

4. Provide resources.

As an adoptive mother, I love meeting other families who have adopted because they “get it”. If you happen to know if another family who has already adopted, pass along their contact information to your other friends. Especially during the waiting period, it is great to have a sounding board from another family who has already been there and experienced what you have been through.

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Meghan Rivard

Meghan is an adoptive mother and a big advocate of adoption and foster care. She resides in Indiana with her husband, their one-year-old daughter who is the center of their lives, and their dog Max. She has a Bachelor's and Master’s Degree in Social Work. Meghan stays at home with her daughter but is so happy she found this outlet to share her personal adoption story and educate about adoption!

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