November is National Adoption Month, and while every adoptive parent knows their child is so much more than just their adoption story, it is nice to celebrate and recognize the beauty of adoption and how it touches so many lives.

1. Share your child’s story with them

Whether your child is 1 or 18 year(s) old, everyone has a story and everyone enjoys hearing his/her birth story. This is a month every year to make sure adoption is always a welcome topic of conversation, just like anything else. I love sharing my son’s birth story with people who ask – it helps people understand that love is love and just because my family doesn’t look like yours it doesn’t mean we’re any less of a family.

2. Donate to an adoption/foster care agency

With the holidays coming up, a lot of children in the foster care system may go without new clothes, shoes, toys, or even basic toiletries. Several adoption agencies take up collections for specific items around this time of year. Do your research and donate what you can to help a child in need.

3. Plan an outing with your child’s birth family

Fall is such a lovely time of year with many fun activities – hay mazes, apple picking, and even simply going for a walk outside to enjoy the beautiful colors are a few things you can very easily invite your child’s birth family to enjoy with you.

Keeping up the relationship between the two families is so important. Maybe November is a good time to reconnect with your child’s birth family if you have been out of touch for a while.

4. Find activities to represent your child’s birth culture

If you adopted your child internationally, November is a good month to celebrate that particular culture. Cook special meals, watch certain movies, do some research to help your child better understand the country where they were born. And, in an age-appropriate way, include your child in the planning of these activities.

5. Educate yourself and others about adoption

Adoption has changed so much over the years, and it’s so important to be a positive advocate for safe, healthy adoptions. These children are our future, and they deserve to grow up in a world where people understand the history of adoption and how it has changed through the years. Be an advocate for yourself and your child and the beauty of adoption!

How do you celebrate adoption in your household? Comment below with ways your family celebrates National Adoption Month.



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