Danielle’s Princess Adoption Day from Samaritas on Vimeo.

Adoption finalizations are always happy moments, but none quite so dramatically happy as the one that took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan earlier this month.

Danielle Ross became Danielle Koning when the courtroom became her “happiest place on earth.” Stemming from the suggestion of Danielle’s caseworker, the courtroom transformed into a Disney Princess Palace, much to Danielle’s delight. Sarah and Jim Koning adopted two children in the magical courtroom that day, both of whom had been their foster children.

“Never, never have I seen so many princesses in the courtroom before,” said Judge Patricia Gardner, who joined in the festivities with a Snow White costume beneath her robes. And the princess theme would not have felt complete without Prince Charming, who was thrilled to have his photo taken with Danielle, her family, and all of Danielle’s favorite princesses. Take a look at this photo montage created by ABC News and be prepared to smile for the rest of the day!