It was 1941 when 15-year-old Pauline Lott was taken into the care of the Mississippi Welfare Department. While in their care it was discovered that she was pregnant and Pauline was sent to the King’s Daughters Home, a residence for unwed expectant women. Pauline was forced into an agreement to relinquish her baby so that medical costs could be covered. After birthing a healthy baby boy, Pauline named him Charles and cared for him in the home for two months before he was placed in a family. Her one request of the family: Let him retain his first name. So Charles became Charles Bruce Pate.

Charles began looking for his birth mother shortly after getting married in 1964, but to no avail. It wasn’t until a recent DNA search led him to a cousin that he found his mother still living. Charles lives his dream every day as he and his birth mother, Pauline, talk on the phone.  Read the full story here.