8 Valentine’s Day Crafts To Send To Birth Families

Valentine’s Day: the holiday for love!

Maya Brown-Zimmerman February 03, 2017

Valentine’s Day: the holiday for love! There are so many kinds of love we can show appreciation for during this time. Don’t forget to show some love to your child’s birth parents! Here are some cute crafts you and your child can make together to send to them.

Handprint Cards
1. Handprint Cards

When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of cards. These handprint cards from Rosy Posy would be easy to make with your little ones, but they’re sure to leave an imprint on their birth parents’ hearts!

You can check out the crafts here.

Love Bug Cards
2. Love Bug Cards

Though maybe, your child is little and the idea of painting his or her whole hand sounds like a recipe for disaster. Check out these adorable love bug cards by Sweet and Lovely Crafts! All you need is a thumbprint and some googly eyes.

Click here for more information.

Bee Mine Cards
3. Bee Mine Cards

I love the Bee Mine cards, also by Sweet and Lovely Crafts! These would be super cute as gift tags for another gift in this slideshow, or as a Valentine card. Again, they’re easy for any age to make!

You can check out the crafts here.

Bookmark Gift
4. Bookmark Gift

Have a book lover in your life? Crafts for All Seasons has you covered! Sweet and sturdy, this will be a gift that lasts. You could even use laminate sheets for extra protection.

You can read more here.

Die Cut Hearts
5. Die Cut Hearts

How about a gift that can hang? Pinkie for Pink’s Die Cut Heart fits the bill! Simple enough for a preschooler to paint on his or her own, but with a very grown-up feel. Bonus: this link contains other crafts, too.

Click here for more information.

Salt Dough Magnets
6. Salt Dough Magnets

These salt dough magnets by Roaming Rosie are memorable and functional. With how much dough one batch makes, you could give these to your child’s extended birth family if you wanted to. A great gift for parents and grandparents!

Here is more information.

Heart Ornaments
7. Heart Ornaments

Mum in the Madhouse’s heart ornaments are a versatile gift. These could decorate gift boxes, or be the gift themselves. I envision a little craft tree with the ornaments hanging off as a sweet Valentine’s decoration, or making the ornaments bigger and using them for the Christmas tree. Either way these could be a yearly gift, showing how your child’s fingers have grown.

For more information check this page.

Valentine Keychain
9. Valentine Keychain

This keychain, by Messy Little Monster, allows your child’s birth parent to carry a sweet reminder of his or her child with them. For older kids, perhaps they and their birth parent could each make one and swap them! Kids could put the keychain on their backpack or purse.

Click here for directions.

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