In this informative video, Kathy Brodsky, Director at AMETZ discusses 9 common adoption myths. The AMETZ Adoption Program is a part of the Jewish Child Care Association, a non-profit agency that began in 1822. AMETZ is involved in foster care, adoptions, special needs, education and support of families, following traditional Jewish values.

Those who are considering adoption for the first time may have misconceptions that make adoption seem daunting. Kathy addresses these myths:

1- There are no kids to adopt.

2- It’s hard to qualify to adopt.

3- The adoption home study is intrusive.

4- Adoption is expensive.

5- It takes a very long time to adopt.

6- The internet has all the information I need.

7- Birth parents are untrustworthy.

8- If you tell your children they are adopted, they will want to meet their birth parents.

9- Adoption ends at finalization.

adoptionv6 from Hooray Films on Vimeo.

Located in New York, the AMETZ Adoption Program offers help to Jewish and non-Jewish families. For more information, contact Kathy Brodsky, LCSW, Director by email at

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