9 Best Ways to Send Photo Updates to Your Child’s Birth Family

There are some amazing and simple ways to share memories with your child's birth family.

Kenna Shumway May 21, 2016

There are so many fun ways to send photo updates to your child’s birth families. I confess I’m a little snap happy when it comes to my son. I want to document every piece of his life, because he is getting too big, too fast. I also take photos because I want his birth parents and their families to see how his is growing and what he is accomplishing. I’m going to share a few ways that I like to send photo updates to my son’s birth families.

1. Chatbooks

I love Chatbooks! I was slow to jump on the Chatbooks train, but I’m on it now and blasting the horn! I decided to do a little project with Chatbooks' help. Every (okay, almost) day, I take a photo of my son and post it to Instagram. Chatbooks then automatically adds that photo to their app. Each Chatbook holds 60 photos and you have the choice of hard or soft bound. Another great thing? It’s only eight bucks per book.

Chatbooks II
2. Chatbooks II

So every 60 photos I take of my kiddo get turned into a volume of, “Daily Boog.” It’s really neat to see the small changes that happen in a child’s life day to day. I’ve created three volumes of “Daily Boog” and am excited to finish up the fourth. The quality of the photos and books are superb. Such a fun way to update birth families with photos.

3. Groovebook

I am a fan of the television show, “Shark Tank.” Different entrepreneurs show a panel of successful business men and women their ideas/inventions. Then, the panel can choose to fund their ideas/inventions. One of the ideas on Shark Tank was called Groovebook. It’s subscription based at around three dollars a month. Once you download their app, you can upload up to 100 photos from your camera roll and at the end of each cycle, Groovebook prints the photos and puts them in a book with perforated edges so the photos are easy to remove. You can remove certain photos that you want to send, or you can order the birth family the entire Groovebook and have it sent to them. The print quality isn’t professional, but it’s good. Side note: You are charged the three dollars every month regardless of whether you upload photos or not. You can also order past Groovebooks.

Free Prints
4. Free Prints

Another photo app I love to use is Free Prints. I was wary at first, but it’s great! You get 85 photos a month. Just upload from your phone, Instagram, or Facebook! It isn’t subscription based, and you only pay for shipping. Shipping starts at $1.99 and is never more than $9.99. (For instance, express orders would cost more than standard shipping.)There are also options for sizes other than 4x6, which you have to pay for per print. The quality is great and it’s an awesome way to print photos off to send to your child’s birth families!

Project Life
5. Project Life

I am sure many of you have heard of Project Life. The skinny on it is that memory keeping shouldn’t be hard. It is great for people like me who want a place to put my photos and write down memories, but suck at hardcore scrapbooking. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up. I’m going to give you a look at some pages I created using the Project Life app.

Project Life II
6. Project Life II

My son started Kindergarten last year and I wanted to record not only the photos, but the memories associated with the photos. In addition, I wanted it to be in a format that was more than just loose photos with memories scribbled on the back.

Project Life, III
7. Project Life, III

In this layout, I added my, “Daily Boog” photos. I wanted my son’s birth families to see how he has grown physically as well as how he was doing in school. Project Life has beautiful card kits that coincide with anything you want to ‘memory keep.’ I used a school themed kit via the Project Life app. It’s as simple as drag and drop on the app.

9. Project Life, IV

When it comes to updating my son’s birth families on events like Christmas and birthday parties, I use Project Life. We live two thousand miles away from my son’s birth families, so they aren’t able to attend these events. Cue Project Life once again! After I created the pages, which are 12x12, I print them directly from the app, and they mail you the finished product! When I started using Project Life to show photo updates, I bought a couple of binders that fit the 12x12 pages. This way, when I send them Project Life pages, they can simply slip it into the binder. It’s turnkey ready and hands down my favorite way to update my son’s birth families with photos.

How do you update your child’s birth families?

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Kenna Shumway

Wife. Adoptive mom. Writer. Photographer. Endometriosis survivor, infertility warrior & adoption advocate. Rock star on weekends. Currently calls Ohio home with her pharmacist husband and their ginger son. Read more from her on her blog.

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