We know how good a hug feels, especially if it’s with a family member we have not seen in a while. But what if you were meeting your biological mother for the first time? Would there be a hug or an awkward silence?

Sue Amundsen, at the age of 47, got her first hug from her biological mother. She was adopted at birth, wanted to find her biological family, and used Ancestry.com and DNA to find matches. Shortly, after contacting some of the matches, she was talking to her biological mother.

Sue traveled to meet her biological mother and biological sisters for the first time. They spent over a week together and were able to bond and share stories. Sue stated, “I don’t think you can ever understand that kind of hug she gave me. It was a real hug. And she was crying. For me, knowing that she was crying and this is what she wanted and that she loved me.”

Our society needs more stories like these. We need to hear more stories, not only about adoption in general, but about birth mothers. There is such a negative stereotype about birth mothers “not wanting” their children. But this story is a wonderful reminder of the unconditional love birth mothers have for their biological children.

You can watch the video and learn more about this story by clicking here.