Zoe was almost 2 years old when she was placed in the Pedicone home through foster care. The family immediately fell in love, and considered Zoe theirs from that moment on. It took 3 years, living as a foster child with her family, but Zoe’s adoption was finalized just before Christmas. When her mother asked who she really, really wanted to attend the adoption hearing, (expecting she’d choose Santa) Zoe proclaimed that her greatest desire is to have Darth Vader there. Well, Darth Vader, accompanied by other Star Wars friends. And so the Pedicones made it happen. Dressed as Princess Lea, the judge pronounced Zoe’s adoption final, and Star Wars music played. It didn’t take long for Zoe to dance with R2 D2, and she even accepted a light saber from her favorite – Darth Vader.

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