It doesn’t happen so much now with the Safe Haven laws in effect, but nearly 40 years ago, David Volk was left, as a newborn, in a McDonald’s. The fast food restaurant’s manager found the baby and called authorities. At age one, David was adopted and lived his childhood with his adoptive family.

In 2014, after seeing another adoptee from a similar situation (left in a Burger King) publicly searching for her family, David thought he would give it a try. He posted a photo of himself holding a poster requesting help finding his birth mother. This led to someone connecting David with the manager of McDonald’s, who had long since retired. The two began a friendship, but that didn’t help much in his search for his biological family.

Eventually David turned to using DNA to continue his search. This led to some relatives, eventually connecting David with siblings, and finally his birth mother. The two have exchanged emails, but have yet to meet in-person. But, that didn’t stop David from announcing his find the same way he announced the beginning of his search. David posted a picture of himself holding a poster on Facebook. The poster read, “I would like to announce, I found my birth family.” Given the circumstances of his relinquishment, David is protecting the identity of his birth mother for now.