Mick Goslin and his wife, Beth, love animals. Running an animal farm in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska, they have plenty to keep their hands full. But when Mike was watching the news on KETV and saw 10-year-old Jasmine talking about her desire to be adopted into the right family, he knew they had room for a child. “I watched the video six times that morning and cried every time,” Mike said.

Now, after several months on the farm together, Jasmine fits in quite nicely. Especially with the donkey, who “needed a kid.” The adoption will be finalized in March. Until then, Jasmine’s hope that she shared before meeting the Goslins has come to pass:  “If I know somebody I can trust, then, okay, I’ll get adopted.  One that has a lot of animals, that’s pretty kind and shows care for me.”

For those who have never known the special love that exists between parent and child, Ben Goslin attests that it’s a new kind of love, different from any other, and well worth the effort required.

Watch the video here.