What would it be like to not know your history? Or if you have basic information about your background, but second guess if that information is even correct? This is the story for Arthur Fitzharris. Arthur is an Irish man who was adopted and has been searching for 17 years for any information possible about his biological family, as reported by the Irish Post.

Arthur is now an older adult who has been searching since 2001 for any information about his biological family. He states that he would like to know if he has siblings, if he has any medical concerns that he should be aware of – especially, he stated, because he now has children.

Arthur’s search has not been easy. He stated that Ireland makes it very hard to receive any information and he only recently was able to receive a copy of his original birth certificate.

To complicate issues, Arthur has questions about the authenticity of the information on his birth certificate. He discovered that it stated, “entry contained fictional information as to parentage.“ Arthur is also curious about the legitimacy of his birth date, as the birth was not registered until the beginning of 1948 and his known birth date is in December 1947. The only other information it provided was that he had the surname “Cain” and his biological parents were farmers.

This story brings to light, again, the value of information and heritage. These are important factors to all people and contribute to their self-esteem and personality. Without information about their heritage or birth culture, many people have questions about their identity, who exactly they are, and where they came from. With this information, they have this knowledge which leads to strengthening their identity as a person.

Arthur is hoping that his story will spread and that anyone with information will come forward and contact him.