With a strong negative stigma attached to single mothers in Korea, many give birth secretly before taking the babies to an agency.  Such was the case with the mother of Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman, who were adopted by two different families.  The agency listed them as single births, so the girls didn’t even know they had a sibling, let alone a twin, until last year, when a friend of Bordier shared a picture she had seen online of a girl who looked identical to her.

Bordier lives in Belgium, and Futerman in the United States. According to allkpop.com, they conversed a few times before deciding to meet over Skype.  Their Skype conversation revealed numerous similarities, so the next step was a DNA test that proved they are related.  This resulted in an in-person meeting, which was joyous for both!

The sisters continue to keep in touch and are working to share their story, including promoting their book,  ”Separated at Birth: A True Love Story of Twin Sisters Reunited” which they have recently submitted as a documentary at several film festivals.  Resulting from this reunification is a foundation, Kindred Adoption, which aims to offer support to orphans and adoptees.