Expectant mothers who are considering placing their baby for adoption in NC have many options when it comes to adoption agencies in NC. Adoption agencies are a great resource for expectant mothers who are considering adoption. As opposed to a private adoption, adoption agencies in NC have years of experience and resources for both expectant mothers and hopeful adoptive parents that extend beyond adoption finalization. Throughout the state, potential birth mothers can find services that cater to their immediate and long-term needs. Learn how the following adoption agencies in NC  can provide appropriate services pertaining to your mental, physical, and emotional health throughout pregnancy and the adoption process.

Gladney Center for Adoption – Greenville, North Carolina

The Gladney Center for Adoption believes that it is never too late to create an adoption plan. Whether you are an expectant mother facing an unplanned pregnancy for the first time, or already a new mother considering adoption as an alternative to parenting, their doors are open to you. The Gladney Center for Adoption is particularly mindful of the needs of potential birth mothers. They aim to center the plan around her specific needs, whatever they may be.

Founded nearly a century ago, Gladney has assisted countless mothers, children, birth mothers, and hopeful adoptive parents through the adoption process. Aware of the tragedy and miracle that adoption can be in every individual’s life, Gladney is sensitive to the challenges that potential birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents are experiencing.

Gladney’s team of counselors is available every hour of the day, every day of the year, to offer their support to those considering adoption. Like other agencies, their services do not stop at birth or finalization. Welcoming those they help into their own family, Gladney continues to follow up with birth mothers after placement as far as their mental and emotional health is concerned. It is this attentiveness and genuine love for those they work with that has kept them in business for so long.

Bethany Christian Services – Charlotte, North Carolina

Bethany Christian Services is one of many worldwide agencies with decades of experience in the world of adoption. As a Christian adoption agency, Bethany’s mission is to mirror Jesus Christ’s example by “protecting children, empowering youth, and strengthening families through quality social services.” They fulfill this mission by offering support through pregnancy counseling, adoption services, foster care, emergency care, resettlement of refugees and immigrants, and international adoption services.

The Bethany Christian Services adoption agency is accredited for their consistency in delivering high-quality services and meeting high-performance standards. This agency has three locations in North Carolina: Ashville, Charlotte, and Raleigh. For expectant mothers and fathers, Bethany Christian Services specifically offers resources that include ImPregnant.org, a live chat feature on their website, and a collection of online articles and blog posts. Their collection of resources includes information on parenting, adoption, and abortion so each expectant mother can make the right decision for herself.

Lifeline Children’s Services – Charlotte, North Carolina

Lifeline Children’s Services is a Christian adoption agency whose priority and mission are “to equip the Body of Christ to manifest the gospel to vulnerable children.” Their vision and collection of resources have motivated their years of services to expectant mothers, infants, hopeful adoptive parents, and more.

Lifeline Children’s Services offers counseling to expectant mothers via call, text, email, and live chat. Counseling and other pregnancy support services are completely confidential. Lifeline is eager to help expectant mothers make a loving plan for their infants’ lives.

Through lifeline, an expectant mother can connect with other women like herself to discuss each other’s adoption plans. This camaraderie of support helps each expectant mother explore her options and create a plan that is best for her and her child. Lifeline also offers birth mothers financial assistance, pre- and post-placement support, help picking an adoptive family for their child, and arrangements for legal advice and services.

Datz Foundation – Charlotte, North Carolina

The Datz Foundation has been around since 1987 as a full-service adoption agency. Since opening, the foundation has assisted in the placement of thousands of children. Their staff of legal professionals and social workers assist potential birth parents in their search for a pregnancy and adoption plan. The adoption journey can be full of many unexpected detours. Having a guide to help you on that journey (like an agency) will bring you reassurance and peace in your decision-making.

The Datz Foundation is keen on helping match each expectant mother with the right hopeful adoptive parents, taking into account what level of contact they’d like to engage in post-pregnancy while still offering professional counseling along the way. Committed to offering all the help they can to all those who come seeking it, Datz also provides free long-term counseling to each of the birth mothers they walk through the adoption process.

Omni Visions – Raleigh, North Carolina

Unlike other adoption agencies, in terms of adoption, Omni Visions works solely with foster-to-adopt services. Since 1991, Omni has centered their values on home and family. Their services aim to give every child a loving home. Since opening, Omni Visions has opened offices in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Georgia. Besides adoption, Omni’s family services extend to behavioral health programs, family preservation programs, and foster care.

A Child’s Hope – Raleigh, North Carolina

A Child’s Hope is an all-encompassing adoption agency. They believe that forever families can be built through the adoption process. Believing that the best form of counseling is one on one and face-to-face, the team of A Child’s Hope works closely with expectant mothers to help each one through the process.

Expectant mothers who are considering adoption can expect the following services from A Child’s Hope: counseling concerning the decision to parent or adopt; transportation to doctor appointments; help to inform the birth father; help to find adoptive parents; financial assistance; emotional support before, during, and after the birth; assistance during the birth; creating an adoption plan (open, semi-open, or closed); and long-term assistance.

A Child’s Hope recognizes the fears of judgment and loneliness that a woman who is facing an unplanned pregnancy may be experiencing. They receive each expectant mother with open arms, prepared to offer loving support. An already difficult experience can be made a little less scary with help from A Child’s Hope adoption agency.

Amazing Grace Adoptions – Raleigh, North Carolina

Amazing Grace Adoptions (AGA) specializes in pregnancy counseling, domestic adoptions, international adoptions, and orphan care. Started in 1999, AGA was organized with a mission “to serve birthparents, orphaned and vulnerable children, and adoptive families both domestically and internationally through the Biblical model of family.” They are accredited for their high-performance standard and are members of the National Council for Adoption. The organization’s name encompasses this vision and their services in extending grace to all members of the adoption triad.

AGA offers a helping hand to women who are considering adoption as they choose an adoption plan, pick a family for their child to be adopted into, and find healing after the process is completed. As a non-judgmental ear, AGA welcomes every birth mother in any circumstance she finds herself in. They lovingly tend to the individual’s needs.

Children’s Home Society – Greenville, North Carolina

Since 1902, Children’s Home Society (CHS) has placed more than 16,000 children in their forever homes. CHS believes in families and works to address them in every stage of life. Their agency works in a myriad of areas that include adoption, foster care, parent education, teen pregnancy prevention, and post-adoption support.

For potential birth parents, CHS offers support and professional counseling. CHS counselors can help explain the options expectant parents who have not yet made a decision regarding their future and the future of the child. If an expectant mother does choose to continue with the adoption process, CHS will continue to assist her in making an adoption plan, finding and funding appropriate medical are, securing safe living arrangements, and providing continued support. CHS is aware that traveling to and from their office isn’t possible for some expectant parents. So, they come to you. Their statewide service will meet with you anywhere in North Carolina to help you through the process.

The Bair Foundation Child and Family Ministries – Wilmington, North Carolina

The Bair Foundation Child and Family Ministries is a Christ-centered program, using God’s strength to strengthen families. With a commitment to approach each case recognizing individual needs and unique circumstances, the Bair staff opens their hearts and arms to all who are in need of care. Their website states that their vision is to “be the most sought after, Christ-centered social services ministry for children, youth and families in North America.” To fulfill this vision, The Bair Foundation offers their services in foster care, adoption, kinship adoption, family services, and behavioral health.

The Bair Foundation is another agency that works solely with foster-to-adopt cases. Although they do not work specifically with expectant mothers who are considering adoption, they do assist in child preparation services, child profiles, family profiles, child-specific recruitment, and finalization. The Bair Foundation has been working to assist in meeting the needs of the foster care system since 1967 and still works tirelessly to see their vision fulfilled by strengthening families.

Children at Heart Adoption Services – Wilmington, North Carolina

Children at Heart Adoption Services brings potential birth mothers and hopeful adoptive parents together every day. Post-adoption, birth mothers are invited to participate in a free support group to connect with women who are experiencing the same types of circumstances, feelings, and dilemmas as one another. Birth mothers and expectant mothers do not even have to participate in regular meetings to feel apart of the community. Children at Heart Adoption Services can connect birth mothers and expectant mothers who live near one another.

Triangle Adoption Services – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Triangle Adoption Services specializes in home studies and post-placement services. For years, the organization has been providing these services to those wishing to successfully add to or complete their forever families. Years of experience and professional consultation guarantees that all requirements are addressed throughout the adoption process. Their long-standing commitment to children’s long-term happiness in the home has inspired their consistent, reliable performance.

Christian Adoption Services – Matthew, North Carolina

Since 1989, Christian Adoption Services has worked as a full-service agency for expectant mothers, birth mothers, adoptees, and hopeful adoptive parents. They know that expectant mothers are seeking honest answers to the slew of questions they have about their options. Their 24-hour birth mother helpline is a great resource for anyone considering adoption.

A unique service of Christian Adoption Services is the annual birth mother retreat. With the goal of helping birth mothers find healing from and understanding of their grief, the birth mother retreat offers like-minded women space to share their experiences.

Carolina Adoption Services – Greensboro, North Carolina

At Carolina Adoption Services, expectant mothers are given a voice and a choice every step of their adoption journey. Expectant mothers who are considering adoption in North Carolina will speak with the agency’s CHOICES Coordinator about adoption options. Moving forward throughout a pregnancy, Carolina Adoption Services will help expectant mothers make a plan for contact before and after finalization and pick from their collection of screened, hopeful adoptive families.

NC Homestudies – Mineral Springs, North Carolina

NC Homestudies is an agency that provides services specific to couples, families, and others looking to adopt. Their services include home studies for domestic and international home studies, pre-adoption counseling, post-placement and post-adoption reports, adoption planning, coaching services, networking with adoption programs, independent adoption, and relative and cultural adoption.

Although many adoption agencies in North Carolina will offer similar services in terms of counseling, financial aid, and basic programs, not all of them are focused on birth mothers. Who you pick to be your guide through the next chapter of your life will affect your experience more than anything else. Before making this major decision, consider your options and what will benefit you and your child in the long run. At the end of the day, this is your journey, your child, your adoption, and your future. Step into the next stage of the adoption process with confidence and comment below what helped you decide on your adoption agency.