Understanding all the information that comes with adoption in Pennsylvania may be pretty intense, especially if you are just getting started on your journey of adoption. Fortunately, there are a few different ways to receive some support while on this journey that you are on.

First, joining the adoption community can be extremely beneficial for you and your family members. Surrounding yourself with a community of other people, who are either on the same journey as you are or have been in your shoes once before, will most likely make you feel more confident and at ease throughout the Pennsylvania adoption process. At Adoption.com, there are many resources available to you specifically regarding adoption in Pennsylvania including articles, informational guides, forums, updates on Pennsylvania adoption laws, and more. Secondly, adoption agencies in PA will also be an extremely helpful asset for you during any given adoptive situation in the state. We are going to take a look at all of these resources that are available for you so that you can have a great start into looking through adoption agencies in PA.

The adoption community has so much to offer and holds such a valuable advantage for all parts of the adoption triad. If you are looking into adoption agencies in PA, I would first recommend that you study through as many Pennsylvania adoption resources that you can. In doing this, you will have a great head start and gain lots of knowledge prior to looking into adoption agencies in PA. For example, this article titled, “Adoption in PA” provides us with a great detailed look into adoption in Pennsylvania. Rebekah Yahoves provides us with information specifically pertaining to adoption in Pennsylvania including foster care adoption, agency adoptions, and private adoptions in this state. This will be a great place to start reading about the many eligibility requirements, processes, costs, and certification processes that take place for each type of adoption in Pennsylvania.

There is also another guide available that specifically provides information on adoption in Pennsylvania here. This resource provides definitions and information for domestic infant adoptions, international adoptions, and foster care adoptions in Pennsylvania. Here you will find the answer to this question, “Can I Adopt In Pennsylvania?” It states, “Parents must be at least 21 years old to adopt or foster. You can be single, married, or divorced. You can own or rent a home. You will have to attend 24 hours of parent preparation classes. All members of the household 18 and older will need to submit to background checks. Current physicals will need to be obtained from a doctor. The home will have to pass a safety check. Applicants will need to submit character references, as well a complete an adoption home study.” This article also provides a listing of the adoption regulations and laws that exist in Pennsylvania. These are great to read through because adoption laws and regulations vary from state to state. Because of this, you want to make sure that you are receiving the correct adoption law information that is for your state of Pennsylvania. You will also find information and resources for adoption assistance and state contact information.

The adoption community offers more than information guides on adoption for each state. There are also forums available for people to ask questions regarding situations that occur during their adoption journey in Pennsylvania. Some of these questions and forum topics range from laws and agencies all the way to behavioral advice. To see a full listing of the current forum pages for Pennsylvania, please visit here. This is an excellent place to possibly get answers to questions or read through other people’s experiences from the adoption process in Pennsylvania.

Ashley Foster wrote an article in 2017, regarding Pennsylvania becoming a state to open sealed birth certificates for adoptees. She stated that over 1,000 applications were received from adoptees within the first week of this happening. This is great to know for Pennsylvania adoption community members. If you would like to read the full article, you can visit it here.

Being a part of the adoption community has done so much for me throughout my adoption journey and that is why I highly recommend everyone who is affected by adoption to become a part of it. Whether you are prospective adoptive parents, adoptees, or biological parents, joining the adoption community and understanding that you are not alone on your journey can make such a huge difference in your life.

Adoption agencies in PA should be committed to supporting children who are in need of forever homes and providing services to parties of an adoption situation. Some of these services usually include home study help, education, counseling resources, paperwork processes, and more.

Adoption.com provides a very great tool that can help anyone get started on their search through adoption agencies. Here you will find this adoption provider search by state. By selecting your state of Pennsylvania, you will be relocated to a listing of adoption agencies in PA which I’ve included here. There are three different adoption service providers listed here, and we are going to take a look into each one.

Adoptions From The Heart 

Adoptions From The Heart is an adoption agency in Pennsylvania that is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and is centrally located in the city of Greensburg. It states that Adoptions From The Heart is a non-profit full-service adoption agency that has specialized in open adoption for over 30 years. You will also find important contact information for this adoption agency such as telephone number, email, address, and fax numbers.

I visited this adoption agency’s website and found mission, vision, and core values that can be found here. I have included what these are below.

Mission: “Since 1985, The Mission of Adoptions From The Heart has been to provide safe, loving homes for children and offer comprehensive, high-quality services to adoptive families, birth parents, and children.”

Vision: “Adoptions From The Heart strives to be a leader in the field of adoption and family building.”

Core Values: (C.H.O.I.C.E.S)

• “Communication – Listen well, be clear, respectful and inspiring

• “Honesty – Be truthful and sincere

• “Opportunity – Opportunity for growth and development

• “Integrity – Make decisions that are consistent with the agency mission

• “Creativity – Use imagination to transcend traditional ideas and create meaningful new ideas

• “Equality – Treat all clients, employees, and their families with respect and dignity regardless of race, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, income level or title.

• “Support – Support of women’s rights with regard to family planning.”

Caring Adoption Associates

Caring Adoption Associates provides adoption agency services and home study services in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. Their listing provides us with the important contact information that you will need including phone number, email, website address, P.O. box address, and fax numbers. Take a look at the statement written for this adoption agency in PA below.

“At Caring Adoption Associates, we have more than 20 years of experience with both domestic and international adoption. We provide adoption consultation, home study, and post placement services to families throughout Pennsylvania and have offices in the Philadelphia, Scranton, and Pittsburgh areas. Because we have been working successfully in the field for so long, we have developed a large network of adoption professionals that can help you throughout the adoption process. Our goal is to help provide you with the knowledge and support to bring your child home as quickly as possible for a reasonable cost.”

The Children’s Home Of Pittsburgh

This adoption agency in PA is centrally located in Pittsburgh and provides adoption agency services as well as birth mother support. They were established in 1893 and have completed over 7,000 adoptions. This adoption agency is also a member of five associations which I have listed below.

1. American Academy of Adoption Attorneys

2. National Association of Social Workers

3. National Council for Adoption

4. North American Council on Adoptable Children

5. Adoptive Families of America

The Children’s Home Of Pittsburgh has also been awarded the following awards that I’ve listed below.

1. Shady Lane Champions for Children Award 2012

2. The Congressional Coalition on Adoption’s Angels in Adoption Award 2008

3. 2017/2018 Pennsylvania Permanency Conference Awards

Their listing provided at the link above will also provide you with additional contact information including telephone numbers, email contacts, website information, and address details. Take a look at the statement provided by this adoption agency below.

“Providing birthparent support since 1893. No judgments, just choices. If you are pregnant and unsure what to do, or are thinking about making an adoption plan for your baby, The Children’s Home of Pittsburgh can help. We are here for you- to listen, to provide support, to talk with you about your choices, and to help you find the resources that are available to you. The Children’s Home can also answer your adoption questions and can guide you through the process of creating an adoption plan for your baby, if you choose. All of the services are free to you and available for as long as you need.”

Most adoption agencies in PA will primarily help with domestic infant adoptions. For domestic infant adoptions, the adoption agencies will help prospective adoptive parents and biological parents navigate through the adoption processes in the state of Pennsylvania. They will help expecting parents who are looking to place their baby for adoption. They will encourage them through their difficult choice and provide many helpful resources through the process. They will help expecting parents choose a family for their growing baby and provide detailed portfolios and information on prospective adoptive families.

Adoption agencies will also help birth parents with the legal processes for termination of right and all other paperwork necessary for adoptions to be completed. Prospective adoptive parents will find help from adoption agencies as well as for many things. Agencies will assist with home study requirements and other legal processes that are required. Agencies will help prospective adoptive parents seek the training and education needed or recommended prior to becoming an adoptive parent. Agencies assist the adoptive families post placement and will continue to assist through the entire adoption process. Some adoption agencies in PA may even offer post-adoption services including counseling for adoptees, adoptive parents, and birth parents.

For international adoptions, prospective adoptive parents in Pennsylvania must seek an adoption agency that has experience and is certified to handle international adoptions. Since there are many more regulations surrounding international adoptions than any other adoption, you may want to find an adoption agency that specifically specializes in international adoption. This way you know that you are receiving the best information available for an international adoption process. Many processes will be the same as domestic infant adoptions, however, there will be more steps required depending on the country the child is being adopted from.

For foster care adoptions in Pennsylvania, adoption agencies will most likely not need to be involved since there is an alternative method for foster adoption in the state of Pennsylvania. The Department of Human Services developed the Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange, also known as PAE. PAE was created to help these children who are currently in the foster care system find their forever families. PAE is not classified as an adoption agency, however, they play a huge part in the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network finding and connecting children with homes if needed.

Remember to stay well informed on Pennsylvania adoption as best as you can. Diving right into the Pennsylvania adoption information will give you a head start on your knowledge prior to searching through adoption agencies in PA. All of these resources provided in this article will be a great help to you getting started so that you are not truly overwhelmed while meeting with the adoption agencies in PA. Keep good track of all the adoption agencies you speak with, meet with, and receive information from. I wish you the best of luck on your adoption journey!


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