Rebecca Tillou is adopted. She was diagnosed at age 33 with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  And she is also an author. In her newly released book, Tenacity, Rebecca shares her story about having been placed for adoption at birth.

Rebecca is open with her life experiences, hoping to educate, inform, encourage, and lift others. It is Rebecca’s desire that eventually FASD will be a thing of the past. Fewer than 5% of the world’s FASD population are diagnosed as adults. Rebecca is one of those. Although her journey of adoption, search reunion, addiction, loneliness, and hardship has not been easy, Rebecca sees her life as an example of hope and success. She knows that others who are living with adversity can also be empowered to reach beyond despair and pain as they grasp onto hope and happiness.

Speaking of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Rebecca says, “FASD does not define us at all! It gives us a chance to move forward and conquer the world of misunderstanding.” This determination bleeds into the way she confronts other challenges as well. Rebecca understands that adoptees may struggle in unique ways. Tenacity opens Rebecca’s life in a way that will touch others and encourage them to move forward, regardless of the struggles they may be handed. Whether it’s ideas for searching for an adoptee’s roots, or suggestions for conquering adversity, Rebecca’s words may be the impetus for generating thoughts that will move people forward in a positive way.

The Kindle Edition of Tenacity is available on Amazon.  “This is a book about adoption, search, reunion, addiction, and fetal alcohol syndrome. This book is the author’s story of her journey as she discovers what makes her who she is. She has tenacity as she relentlessly searches for her birth family. What she discovers is beyond what she expected.”

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