Samantha always knew she was adopted, so when her curiosity kicked into high gear, she logged on to the Adoption Reunion Registry and immediately got connected with birth family members. Samantha and her brother Jason met up at the airport and immediately felt the brother-sister bond holding them together. “It’s like we never didn’t know each other,” said Samantha.

Both siblings were overjoyed to find each other, and to learn that they have a lot more siblings and other birth family members to get to know. For Samantha, it’s extremely sweet, as she “always wanted an older brother.”

Samantha is a big proponent of’s Reunion Registry, in part because it is so user friendly. “By putting your name, as much information as you know, it gave me a match. And that’s when I found all of them,” Samantha said. “I found out I wasn’t an only child. I had many other siblings. I had an older brother, and I’ve always wanted an older brother.”

You can read the full story and watch their reunion here.