Throughout the month of November, Brown County, Texas has been celebrating.  There is much to celebrate, since adoptions in Texas have doubled over the past decade!  But there’s more to do, reports the Brownwood News.  This year, there are more than 6,500 children and teenagers in foster care ready for adoption.  Many of these are older children and teens.  The numbers are pretty good – last year there were 5,149 adoptions through the system . . . and that number represents individuals who are so grateful to have families.

National Adoption Month brings out the numbers.  In Texas, one in five adoptions during the year take place in the month of November.  Efforts for public awareness make a difference.  Lisa Black, DFPS Assistant Commissioner for Child Protective Services became a caseworker in 1986.  She says, “No child should have to grow up in foster care … no matter their age, children and teens never outgrow the need for parents and the stability only a family can give.”