Are you starting the adoption process in New Hampshire and looking for some direction? The team can help you determine your next steps going forward. If you are pregnant and/or considering placing a baby for adoption or you’re looking to adopt a child, we can help you navigate the process for adoption in New Hampshire.

Placing A Child for Adoption in New Hampshire

If you are considering adoption, you’ve probably already considered your other options already. If you’re still unsure if adoption is right for you, you can speak to a birth mother or read more about what adoption is and how to find support.’s 9-step plan for placing a child for adoption will walk you through your options and resources. You’ll also have a chance to hear from other birth mothers who have placed their babies for adoption.

Introduction to Adoption
Financial and Emotional Support
Stories from Birth Mothers
Contact With Child After Adoption
Choosing an Adoptive Family You Love
Pregnancy and Adoption Calendar
Support & Mentoring
Working with the Father
Choose an Adoption Agency


Adopting a Child in New Hampshire

Adoption is one option that individuals and couples explore for building a forever family. No matter what prompted you to look into the process, there are some basics you should start considering as you begin. Adoption laws can vary from one state to the next and they are subject to change. Working with an adoption agency can be helpful in staying up to date on current New Hampshire adoption law. One constant you can rely on is the home study process. Home studies are performed to ensure the safety of the child being adopted. During your home study, you’ll introduce your home, family, and personal records for review.

Adoption is a great option for those who are looking for an alternative to parenting or those who are looking to build their forever families. Learn more about adoption in New Hampshire or the surrounding states on