Adoption is love. It’s joy. It’s pain.

Adoption is truth. Adoption is secretive.
It’s all of the above.
A little baby boy or girl brought into the world with nowhere to go.
It’s a baby left in an alley or one whose mother just wants the best.

A man, a woman, trying to start a family, but can’t.
A mom, trying to figure out what to do, is torn.
Or maybe she is given no choice.
A dad, scared, doesn’t want to accept responsibility.
Or maybe he does, but isn’t given the opportunity.

Adoption is chance. It’s circumstance. It’s luck of the draw.
Decisions are made. Paths cross. Ships sail.
Secrets are kept. Truth is revealed. Fates are sealed.

Adoption is about the adults. It’s about the kids.
It’s about the kids who become adults.
It’s about the secrets that were kept.
It’s about unlocking those secrets.
It’s about fighting to keep those secrets.

Adoption is about keeping kids safe.
It’s about nurture and care.
Giving them the best chance to have a good life.
Adoption is about unintended consequences.
Unanticipated trauma.

Adoption is about ups and downs.
It’s about survival.

And so is life.