A young Thai woman was paid $16,000 by an Australian couple to be a surrogate mother. The Thai woman discovered she was carrying twins and the couple was ecstatic … until they found out that one of the twins would have Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect.  The couple wanted her to abort the little boy. That was four months into the pregnancy.

Mrs. Chanbua, the surrogate mother, who already has two children of her own, refused. Her Buddhist beliefs prohibit abortion, and she, personally, is appalled at the idea. Instead, she birthed both babies. Baby Gammy’s twin sister was taken home to Australia by the couple, and Baby Gammy was left behind.

Since news of this situation has spread, Baby Gammy has been given Australian citizenship. Also, an investigation into the birth father has taken place as he has had child sex convictions.

The generous public have been donating funds to help Baby Gammy receive the medical treatment he needs. Inquiries into adopting Baby Gammy have been pouring in, but for now, he is in the care of his surrogate mother.