Stephanie and Richard Rief struggled with infertility for six years. Desperately wanting a family, the couple spent $15,000 on medical treatments to help facilitate a healthy pregnancy and delivery. It was a tough time for the couple—especially putting on brave faces when friends and family became pregnant. In fact, the whole experience threw Stephanie into a true depression.

When the couple turned to adoption, their family didn’t begin right away. But eventually they were blessed with little Colton, whose birth mother wanted him placed with a couple who was infertile. The family enjoys an open adoption and knows that for Colton, it’s the best choice.

Having emerged through the muck and sadness of infertility and now a family of three, the Riefs are happy. But they haven’t forgotten how deep and sad their struggles were and they now want to reach help to help others battling infertility. They plan to start a local support group.

Meanwhile, late nights, a crying baby, and very little sleep might be hard—but the Rief family sees it all as a great blessing.

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