Apparently there were many news writers fooled by Ben Becker and Elliott Glass – and not just once. This writer was appalled at the new app generating donations on Kickstarter just last month. Adoptly was either a sick joke, or a horrible Idea. Thinking it was a horrible idea that exploited children, I wrote an article about it, calling on reasonable people everywhere to speak out against it.

It turns out that Adoptly was a hoax. Another hoax, aimed at our app-crazy society, done in the same satirical style as the duo’s first big hoax, Pooper.

But how do they pull off something like this so well? According to Engadget’s Nathan Ingraham, “Becker and Glass used almost the same strategy with Adoptly as they did with Pooper. News releases were sent out to various media organizations, including Engadget, and a “spokesperson” did his best Silicon Valley CEO impression and sold reporters (including this one) on the app. We tried but ultimately failed to discern whether Adoptly was a hoax, and we regret the error.”

So what? What’s the big deal? They’re showing us all how ridiculously hooked we are on apps. And really, they’re not collecting any of the funds pledged on Kickstarter. But here’s the real “kick”: Individual would-be-backers aren’t actually out any money. But as an adoptive mom, I’m saying that to mess with the emotions of someone who desperately wants children … well, that’s just mean. That’s where the funny, ha-ha, joke ends and insensitivity begins.

Relieved that it was a hoax and not a serious start-up business, I’m still incensed that their joke wasn’t a little more guarded and sensitive. C’mon, guys. Think a little harder before your next hoax, please.