Ages 9. 8, 6, 5, and 4, this darling sibling group has soft hearts and a huge desire for a forever family. In this heart-wrenching video we see a group of kids who desperately want to stay together. They love each other and they clearly feel a need to lift and support one another.

The youngest, 4-year-old Zariya is deaf. This creates complications when looking for an adoptive family because the court has ordered that their adoptive family must be fluent in American Sign Language. She does have bi-lateral cochlear implants, but her primary mode of communication is sign language.

Foster care worker, Willie Barker told the news station: “I know it’s not their fault they’re in foster care…but anyone out there that’s watching who can accommodate five kids, I think this is the best group of kids they can possibly adopt.”

To watch the video click here.