The touching story of JiaJia, the oldest child in a Chinese orphanage for disabled children,  speaks to the humanity of friends and strangers alike.  At just 3 months of age, JiaJia needed life-saving surgery. His biological parents couldn’t afford the treatment, and so JiaJia was abandoned. For nine years, this precious orphan hoped for a family. At one point he was expecting to go home with a family in China. But the family backed out and JiaJia’s heart broke.

A Kansas family, the Wilsons, heard of JiaJia and felt their hearts be swallowed up in love for him. But it would cost tens of thousands of dollars to adopt him. Within days of the situation becoming public, the Wilsons drew in the money required, and Mom & Dad traveled to China to pick up their little boy.

This video of hope, joy, and saying good-bye will bring you to tears.