At 10 months old, Cyndy was placed in a Korean orphanage. Her mother could not care for her and she hoped that, by letting go of her, her daughter would have a better life. Cyndy grew up in Connecticut and traveled to Korea a year ago to begin her search, but to no avail.

“I made peace with the fact that I’d probably never find her,” Cyndy told CBS News. But she didn’t give up. Cyndy could hardly believe it when a DNA sample came back connecting her with Sun Cha who was living on the west coast of the United States. “It says 99.99 percent she is your biological mother. I just so much wanted it to be true,” said Cyndy.

We hear of joyful, tearful, tender reunifications often. This one is special because we also get to see it. CBS News was present when the mother and daughter met for the first time. And then they sat down and talked with the two of them. This video is worth the few minutes you’ll spend watching it! Heartwarming, indeed!