The New Beginnings International Children’s and Family Services is a non-profit agency that has a children’s home in Kathmandu, Nepal. Following the devastating earthquake that has left over 1,100 people dead, agency president, Tom Velie is keeping close tabs on the people he loves in Nepal. He, himself, has made several trips to the children’s home and has close association with the workers as well as the children. “We know the children. They are precious, precious children. The first thing that is going through my mind is, ‘Did our building collapse?’  Because we were seeing collapsed structures. Is one of the children hurt or dead?” he shared with the local news station, WTVA in Tupelo, Missouri.

After hours of not knowing anything, he was finally able to make contact with one of his staff members in Nepal. Thankfully, all the children are accounted for and unharmed. The building is still standing. The concern now is getting food and supplies to the ten children and staff members in the home.

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Photo Credit: Lewis Tse Pui Lung /