I love Kickstarter. Truly I do. Not only has it given many start-up companies the ability to finance amazing ideas and products, but it’s also given us–who peruse the site–some interesting reads and great opportunities to donate to worthy causes. But who would have thought we would find ADOPTLY, an app similar to Tinder and other dating apps, an honest consideration on Kickstarter?

Having already raised $4,000 by 16 backers, it looks like there are some Kickstarter fans who have taken this campaign seriously. Seriously?! Kids are not objects to swipe away if we don’t like the way they appear. And “shopping” for children is not only objectionable, but a horrific idea. But the creators make it sound amazing and user-friendly.

How does it work? Adults create a profile, including what they’re looking for in a child. Once the profile is created, the app sorts through their database of children and any who are a match pop up on the user’s feed. Don’t like the child you see? Just swipe him or her away and a new one will take his or her place. The creators tell us that if you “like” a kid and the child (or the child’s agency) “likes” you back, it’s a match. Ta-da! Instant family!



I’m not the only one appalled by this idea. Read Nick Statt’s article on The Verge. His intensive research has revealed one thing: Adoptly is a horrible idea.

In this day and age, when we are fighting for human rights and working to create better lives for our children in foster care and orphanages, Adoptly is either a disgusting joke or a poorly-thought-out plan.




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