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Although major news sources published the rumor that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be adding to their family, yet again, through adoption, the Ministry of Social Affairs office in Cambodia has denied the rumor. “I saw [the news] on Facebook, but actually it’s just a rumor,” stated the spokesperson for the ministry’s Inter-Country Adoption Administration of Cambodia, Sao Samphois.

Adoptions from Cambodia to the United States were suspended because of the concern of trafficking.  Although Cambodia is working toward reopening international adoptions, America has not agreed. Only Italy has moved forward as a recipient country thus far. Because of the suspension, there is no way that the famous couple, or anyone else, could be bringing an adopted child home from Cambodia.

The rumor began with an unnamed insider who shared information about baby, Shoun Allouy, with Radar Online – a U.S. celebrity gossip website.

Angelina was in Cambodia in December directing the film, First They Killed My Father, which her son, Maddox (adopted from Cambodia) has researched for. The film is about the Khmer regime which resulted in the deaths of nearly 2 million Cambodians in 1975.