They’re the couple that all of America loves to follow. After their split up in September of last year, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have had a harder time than usual, staying out of the spotlight.

When rumors of divorce began, they were also accompanied by other rumors … that the couple was considering adopting a 7th child to help with reconciliation. Those rumors of adopting were soon squelched, but the rumors of divorce continued to spread. And then in September, the separation took place.

Now that the couple is officially living apart and Jolie is on her own with her six children, she is reportedly pursuing her strong desire to adopt another child. Sources say that while they were still together, Jolie was pushing for another adoption, but Brad was adamantly against it, stating that their family was complete.

Now, working to keep her kids happy in their new, temporary home, while Brad continues his life in what used to be the family home, Jolie is reportedly moving forward with one more adoption. According to In Touch Weekly Insider, Brad is not thrilled with Angie’s decision. “Brad’s worried what impact it will have on their kids.”