Popular YouTube contributor Jay Carlin raises the question regarding Inside Out “star” Riley Andersen. Regardless, the first scene of the movie—immediately after Riley’s birth—Jay reminds us that we don’t actually see her birth. We simply see Riley’s parents oohing and ahhing over her calm, clean, neatly-wrapped infant self.

Then Carlin shows through science that it is quite likely that Riley is adopted. With only a 16.2 chance that Riley’s genetic looks could have come from two brown-hair, brown-eyed parents, it’s unlikely Riley is not adopted.

Jay finds fact after fact that indicate that Riley’s loving parents must be adoptive parents. “They are real parents,” Jay announces. “If she is adopted, why don’t they bring it up?” he asks. And his immediate answer resonates with all adoptive families: Because it doesn’t matter! Those are her parents! That is her family!