Adult adoptee, Sean Carter, grew up knowing he was adopted. A few years ago he had a medical issue, but no familial medical history to help. So Sean began his search. But he didn’t get far. Born in Arkansas, Sean, along with thousands others, have not been able to access their original birth records.

Sean worked hard for the past several years to craft legislation which will open birth records. Just last week, Governor Asa Hutchinson signed the bill.

“It’s about the right to information, it’s not about a right to a relationship,” said Sean. Because of that, birth parents are given the option to redact their names from the original birth certificates if they desire continued anonymity. Even if they do choose that option, they are required, as per the new bill, to supply a complete medical history.

The law goes into effect this July and requires adult adoptees to wait a year before requesting their birth information. Birth parents who place their children for adoption after July will have 21 years to choose to have their names redacted if they so desire.

Good news, indeed, for adult adoptees in Arkansas! Read the full article here.