Jeremy and Brooke Hargis are being recognized for all of their years of service as foster parents in their community. The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Children and Families (DCFS) has honored foster parents in 10 service areas. The families who have been awarded around the state are invited to attend the banquet at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on July 20, where one winner will be announced.

DCFS Director Mischa Martin said in press release, “They are amazing foster parents and pour all of their energy into their children. In addition to their commitment to helping reunify children with their families, the Hargis’ have made a name for themselves through their ability and willingness to be ambassadors and powerful voices for foster parenting.”

Over 100 children in foster care have passed through the home of Jeremy and Brooke Hargis over the last eight years. Most of the children were under the age of two. All but one of them was successfully returned home after placement. The Hargis’ have adopted the child whose case was terminated, as well as three other children. The couple’s service to children was always encouraged by their biological daughter. The family recently closed the door on their fostering journey the same day the adoption of their youngest daughter was finalized.

“We closed in order to focus on our family, and it was time,” Brooke Hargis said. “We devoted almost eight years and it was time to focus on us. It was a very hard decision.” Jeremy and Brooke have plans to mentor other foster parents in the area.

The Arkansas couple are from Area 4 which includes Union, Columbia, Ouachita, Lafayette, Nevada, Hampstead, Miller, Little River, and Sever counties. Nominations were made by family service workers, other foster parents, and children advocates. The Arkansas tradition is a show of appreciation by DCFS. The Hargis’ were chosen for their “significant efforts to support children in foster care and their biological families.”