What is your conception of an open adoption? Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra placed their daughter, Carly, for adoption in 2009. They opted for an open adoption which meant they  and the adoptive parents would share personal information, could contact each other, and perhaps would even get together in person from time to time.

Catelynn and Tyler recently announced that they are planning on seeing Carly sometime this month after two years of frustration being denied visits. Tyler stated, “They will always be justified because they are her parents and we are not. We do have an open adoption. They are just making decisions that they think are best for Carly. Which is exactly what they should do.”

My husband and I adopted our now 4-year-old daughter, Anna, and have an open adoption with her biological family. We have visits a few times a year and also occasionally get together via Skype. Although Anna is still very young, I feel it is very important to establish a foundation and show her from early on that they are part of her heritage. Her biological mother will be able to answer questions my daughter will have as she gets older that I cannot answer.

I would love for our society to become more knowledgeable about adoption and especially open adoption.  There are many misconceptions about open adoption. Our friends and family still ask us questions and are unaware of the benefits of open adoption. We have had to say many times that no, it is not co-parenting. No, it will actually be less confusing for my daughter to have a relationship with her biological family.

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