Agency Relations

People are regularly asking me, ‘What agency did you use? We’re considering adoption.”

My first response is one of congratulations. Then comes the tough part: recommending an agency. It’s such a huge variable.

When we adopted the first time in 1996, we did our research. We looked at placement statistics for various agencies. We checked to see if they had been sued by birth parents or adoptive parents. We looked into them “aftercare” for birth families as we thought strongly that aftercare is necessary.

This time around was different. We started to get a straight foster care license in hopes of helping a specific family but, in the process, realized we had room for one more. Because we came in the “back door,” we used the agency a friend was using. This is probably not the best way to pick an agency but one that has, fortunately, worked for us.

If I had it to do over, I would go about it differently. I would research the things I checked out in 1996, but I would add the following criteria for a foster-to-adopt situation:

When you are anxious to be matched with a child, it is easy to focus on doing things “right” so the agency likes you. The true focus should be, do you like the agency? Do the workers have personalities you can mesh with? Do they seem honest and above board? Are you comfortable?

This is going to be a long and ongoing relationship. Choose wisely!



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