Avoiding Adoption Weight Gain

I taught composition at the college level for eight years. During this time, I became very familiar with the “Freshman Fifteen.” Each semester, I would welcome two or three groups of eighteen-year-olds. By the end of the sixteen-week semester, many of the students had gained, five, ten, or fifteen pounds (or more) due to the changes and stress they had experienced while starting college. Weight gain, believe it or not, can affect other aspects of life. 

Much like the Freshman Fifteen, adoptive parents-to-be may find themselves engulfed by the stress of the adoption journey: the paperwork, the interviews, the background checks, the profile-creating, and, of course, the waiting. Many may choose to relieve stress by eating more and moving less. Likewise, those who sleep less tend to weigh more than those who get a good night’s rest.

As a side note, I am a type 1 diabetic whose well-being depends on managing my blood sugars through a healthy diet, exercise, and stress management. The subject of health is very important to me.

As you progress down your adoption path, keep these tips in mind:

With realistic changes and commitment, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight for the long haul, all while enjoying your family!



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