Choose Adoptive Parents

How Can I Choose a Family to Adopt my Baby?

There are several ways to choose adoptive parents for your child. Traditionally, expectant parents contact an agency or attorney and are presented with several profiles that feature parents looking to add to their family via adoption. In today’s technological age, sites like ParentProfiles (a service of Adoption Profiles, LLC), allow expectant parents to peruse these profiles without the added pressure of talking to an agency or attorney.

Whether you choose a more traditional route or take advantage of internet profiles, you should have a mental checklist of what you feel is important in a family for your child. You can then tell the agency or attorney so the proper profiles can be selected or select those features on your own as you look at profiles online.

Here are some examples of questions to keep in mind:

There are many other questions you can focus on during your search. Realize that searching through profiles and reading about families is much different than meeting them in person. Expectant parents should select more than one profile in case the first time meeting with a family doesn’t quite go as planned. People are different in real life than they are on paper. Remember that you have the right to say no to a match with a family even if you have met them in person. You will have to return to the drawing board, but you have the absolute right to decide who is right to parent your child.



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