Dear Adoption Agencies

Dear Adoption Agencies,

Thank you for helping us to find our children! We’re so happy they’re in our lives.

As responsible consumers, a group of us decided to share our thoughts with you–our adoption agencies–as to how you might better serve your clients. We hope our suggestions will assist future families adopting older children.



We’d like to reiterate that we’re appreciative of all you as adoption agencies do. We hope this letter will be received with the same intent with which it was sent; it’s about sharing suggestions and ideas to help all adoptive families be as successful as they can be.

Thanks for listening. And best wishes as you continue to find forever families for older children.

[Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts and suggestions for this article. Your input is appreciated!]

Susan M. Ward, an older child adoption specialist, provides parent coaching and resources for adoptive families. Susan’s training has focused on adoption issues relating to attachment, grief, and parenting. She’s also the adoptive parent of a child healed from RAD (reactive attachment disorder). Her website is



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