Getting Ready for School

At the end of every summer, we face that time in the year when our children have to return to school. Along with a quiet house during the day, 15 minutes alone for coffee, and maybe even a moment to catch up on laundry, it’s a time to remind ourselves how to be the best advocates for our children. Here are some things to remember for each of your children:

School can be a very overwhelming experience for both students and parents. Try to remember the pressures placed on children every day, such as trying to be accepted, making new friends, getting passing grades, living with the stigma of being in foster care, or simply finding their classrooms. Passing classes is not the only outcome desired–we want these children to learn socialization skills as well.

Please talk to your child every day about how their day went, who they talked to, if they met anyone new, and if they had any trouble in any of their classes. It is very hard for children to turn to an adult with personal problems relating to school. They expect to be lectured on how they are there to learn, and learn only! Make sure they know you are interested in every aspect of their life, not just what they’re passing and failing!