Helping Your Child Prepare For Peer Questions About Adoption

When our children were young and our adopted son was preparing to go to kindergarten, we all of a sudden realized that he would be in situations where he’d have to talk about adoption. We wondered: Have we prepared him well enough? What will he be asked, and how will he answer? How will he feel about those discussion?

Thankfully, Bryan had a healthy understanding of adoption and not much extra work needed to take place. Being multi-racial in a white family, it was obvious that Bryan was adopted. So questions were sure to come. If we had had to “cram” for those impending questions, the results might have been disastrous. In retrospect, I’m grateful for the five years of preparation before he entered school. And that would be my advice to adoptive parents: Prepare and help your child prepare every moment of every day. How do we do this?

When your child grows up observing your comfortable feeling with adoption, he/she will automatically assume the same sort of attitude. This will be monumental in preparing your children to respond appropriately when peers ask questions of them.