How Much Of My Child’s Adoption Story Should I Share?

Picture yourself at church or at a school function, new family member in tow, and all of a sudden the background noise goes silent. Something is amiss—you can’t feel any fresh air on your face and an overwhelming sense of dread washes over you. Then you spot her—you lock eyes and she comes to see your precious angel and with one look you know who she is: The Adoption Vampire.  Also known as The Tragedy Succubus, the Bless-Her-Heart Beast and the Nosy Need-to-Know Nightmare, this person latches on to you from the second she hears about your adoption and won’t let go until she has sucked every last detail from your story, your child’s story, and your child’s bio family story—and she only wants to know the gory bits. But what can you do, aside from carrying Holy Water in a spray bottle as you yell “DEMON RELEASE” and drench her miserable hide? Fear not—The Adoption Vampire can be battled in the trenches, and even defeated!

How have you handled those Adoption Vampires? Are there tips and tricks you can share to help out your fellow monster slayers? Let me know in the comments!